Educational Services

OMR answer sheet checking and generating accurate result is one of the most important and integral part of any exam. Lsoft Technologies OMR Answer Sheet Checking Services are designed to take care of all. OMR Answer Sheet Checking Services are end to end solution from OMR sheet designing to result and report generation. It supports all the exams which are conducted on OMR sheets including JEE-MAIN, NEET, MHT-CET, CA-CPT, MPSC and such other exams. Trusted by many Institutes and Teachers across the nation.

Why to enrol for OMR Services

Quality and Accuracy are two most important factor for OMR sheet checking and Result processing. Through OMR Services we have tried our best to achieve the above. By enrolling to OMR Services, you will get Quality OMR sheets as per your requirement and 100% accurate result. After every exams Lsoft will take care of OMR sheet checking, result processing, preparing various analysis and performance report that too in very affordable price. You will be building strong Brand Image by using Lsoft OMR Services for providing systematic Result and performance analysis report to your students with your brand name.

Exclusive Benefits of OMR Services

  • Helps to create strong brand image, as OMR sheets, Individual Student Result and various performance analysis reports are designed and provided with your Institute brand name.
  • Saves your heavy investment in OMR Software, Scanner and Printer purchase.
  • Suitable for every size of Institute and all the OMR based exams.
  • Saves your Money and Time for recruiting dedicated resource for OMR Sheet scanning and Result generating
  • Get quick, hassle free and 100% accurate result at your doorstep, as our expert and dedicated team handles all your work.
  • By adopting automated OMR sheet checking process, you are helping your students to build confidence and time management skill.
  • Mistakes in the sheets are communicated and sorted out through mutual consent.
  • You can send as many OMR sheets as you need. No Upper Limit for number of OMR sheets

OMR Services will include

  • Quality OMR sheets printed in two-colour with your Institute name and logo.
  • OMR Sheets designed as per your requirement i.e. exam for which you need OMR sheets and number of questions
  • 100% Accurate result.
  • Display Report for each test as per requirement. Groupwise or Subject-wise

OMR Software

If you are looking for instant and quality result at your doorstep, then OMR Software is perfect choice for you. OMR software helps you to check OMR answer sheet accurately and generate instant result and performance reports with your ease of time.

Exclusive Benefits of OMR Software

  • The OMR Software allows users to scan OMR sheets and generate Results with 100% accuracy.
  • User will get Results and various performance reports instantly after scanning and processing OMR Sheets.
  • It is a multipurpose software which can be used to evaluate examinations, registrations, attendance, graphical results, feedback etc.
  • The objective of OMR software is to provide simple and hassle-free OMR software, which can be used by any non-technical user without any support.
  • It is a cost-effective software incorporated with latest technology.

OMR Software will include

  • OMR Software CD ROM.
  • Installation of OMR Software on your Machine by Technical Expertise.
  • Detailed Training about “How to use OMR Software” to your existing Staff who will be handling software.
  • User Manual of OMR Software.
  • Technical Support for OMR Software by our Technical Expert Team.

Mobile Application

Mobile application designed with aim to connect institute with Parents. Institute can ask Students and Parents to install Mobile App and send Test Result directly to them through Mobile App. All the history of Test Result will be available on Mobile App for the Test conducted throughout the year. Institute can also send Test update to Parents. Institute can opt for Mobile App along with OMR Software and Services.

White Label Services

White label Service helps Institutes to provide online Test Results and Performance Reports to their Students. Institute can avail White Label Service along with OMR Software and Services. Institute don’t need to print and distribute Result and Performance Report to individual students. It saves both Time and Paper. Students can view their result and performance reports online.

OMR Sheets

Ready to use OMR Sheets for practice Tests of JEE-MAIN, NEET and MHT-CET with Institute brand name. OMR Sheets will be same as the JEE-MAIN, NEET and MHT-CET final exams OMR Sheets.